Hi! I’m Linda M Carleton, an abuse survivor, overcomer of adversity and writer who shares her testimony of God’s saving grace and transforming love.

I help victims of abuse and the oppressed overcome adversity. And guide the way towards genuine healing in Jesus Christ, so you can live an abundant life.

Linda M Carleton

Linda M Carleton

I understand your struggles; I walked a mile in your shoes. I suffered through child abuse, and domestic violence and lived in oppression.

This blog guides you in overcoming; mental limitations, old mindsets, perfectionism, living in fear, guilt, and shame, and other struggles in life.

The various posts help you to; understand “why” you endure abuse, adversity, and oppression, and why you’re suffering. And the Spiritual Growth section will help you grow in wisdom.

The posts provide you with hope; knowing His grace will help you overcome all difficulties, and struggles in life.

Answer “The Calling” to walk in the light of Christ, as I did, and you will find genuine healing and an abundance of life.

I’m an overcomer of adversity; read Testimonials of the healing power of God’s grace and His unconditional and transforming love.

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In 2013, I received a spiritual message, a calling from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sitting on the fence as a part-time Christian, I walked in the partial light of Christ and was bound to the darkness by the chains of sin.

The consequences, devastating!

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