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Linda M Carleton is an abuse survivor, passionate writer, author, and blogger who shares her testimony of God’s saving grace and transforming love with others.

God has blessed Linda with the gifts of help, compassion, and mercy. She has used these gifts to help others while working as a Certified Nurses and Home Health Aid for over twenty years.

Linda lives in Middleburgh, a small town in Upstate New York, with her youngest daughter, Faith, who doesn’t believe in God. YET!

Faith graduated High School in June of 2016. She will be attending College in the fall of 2016 to study for a degree in Computer Science. Her older brother Nathan is a former College graduate with a degree in Environmental Science.

Linda helps oppressed and abused individuals find the way to an abundant lifeShe understands their struggles; she has walked a mile in their shoes and found the way out of the darkness in her life.

Linda provides guidance to assist others in overcoming fear and personal struggles in life. The posts on her blog will help you understand what’s holding you down in life, why you struggle and why you are suffering in pain. They go on to describe how you can overcome all difficulties in life. And provide a viable solution so you can have an abundance of life forever.

If you decide to answer “The Calling” to walk in the light of Christ. The Lord will rescue you from the darkness, renew your mind with the Word of God and transform your life.

You can learn more about Linda and her struggles in the darkness in the Testimonies section. Included personal life stories and testimonials to the healing power of God’s grace.

Linda is also working on writing a book (Out of a Secret Darkness) to share her testimony of God’s saving grace. To learn more read the “Blogged Book” page and be sure to Join our eMail list below to stay informed.

Your Friend, in Christ Linda


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eBook - An Invitation A Calling

In 2013, the Lord sent me an Invitation, a calling to come into the full light. At that time, I was still sitting on the fence as a part-time Christian.

I was living in the "partial" light of Christ, and the chains of sin still bounded me to the darkness. My feet were walking in the world of darkness and the consequences were devastating. 

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