Hi, I’m Linda M Carleton an abuse survivor, mother of four, and caregiver who shares her personal story through writing and blogging, I live in upstate New York. My passion is to assist the abused and oppressed in overcoming suffering and guide them out of the darkness into the light of Christ.

I’ve worked as a Certified Nurses Aid and Home Health Aide, giving care to the elderly and disabled for 20 plus years. It was more than a job! Over the year's, God’s gift's of help, compassion, and mercy enabled spiritual awareness and provided personal growth.

I have two loved children; I didn’t raise due to domestic violence. In August of 2016, I reconnected with daughter on my blog post “Why Doesn’t My Mom Love Me.” I’m hopeful we can form a mother/daughter relationship someday.

I spend leisure time on; writing, and blogging, reading, website design, and love listening to blues and gospel music. To learn more read the personal stories below. Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Personal Stories

Linda – Age 17

Testimony of Faith

Linda - Age 17

As children, we endured and witnessed child abuse and child sexual abuse, and acquired a dysfunctional mindset. I lived in darkness with fear most of my adult life.

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Linda with son in California

What Kind of a Mom Were You?

My heart broke into a million pieces and scattered on the ground. It was numb to feeling anything. I suffered through abuse and domestic violence and didn’t get to bond with you and your brother. I lost you and your brother and ran in fear for my life.

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Why Doesn't My Mom Love Me

Growing up with my mother was a constant battle. I thought, “My mom doesn’t love me” for many years. Her behavior towards my siblings and me throughout my teenage years was repulsive.

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An Invitation, A Calling to Follow Jesus 

In the summer of 2013, I received an invitation, a calling to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. It changed me forever!