Hi! I’m Linda M Carleton. I am an abuse survivor, writer, and blogger who shares her testimony of God’s saving grace and transforming love. I provide guidance to assist the oppressed in overcoming adversity and the rulers of the darkness of this world, so they can experience genuine healing in Christ and live an abundant life.

Linda M Carleton

Linda M Carleton

I understand your struggles; I walked a mile in your shoes and found the way to overcome adversity, personal challenges and live abundantly.

This blog guides you in; overcoming physical and mental abuse, and other personal challenges and struggles in life.

The various posts are written to help you; understand “why” you endure adversity, personal challenges and why you suffer in pain.

They go on to provide you with hope; knowing that His grace can help you overcome all adversity, personal challenges, and struggles in life.

If you decide to answer “The Lord’s Calling” to walk in the light of Christ, as I did, you will experience genuine healing and receive an abundance of life too.

You can learn more about my personal challenges and struggles in life by visiting the Testimonies section. Included are personal stories of adversity, abuse and testimonials to the healing power of God’s grace and transforming love.


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In the summer of 2013, I received a spiritual message. This message was an invitation, a calling from the Lord Jesus Christ.

At that time, I was still sitting on the fence as a part-time Christian. I was living in the "partial" light of Christ, and the chains of sin still bounded me to the darkness.

The consequences, devastating!

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