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Why Am I Suffering in Life?

Have you ever asked the question, “why am I suffering so much in life?” I did many times, and open-minded curiosity enabled me to discover the truth and only solution to overcome all sufferings in life. I understand the struggles you are or have faced in life. I’ve endured the pain, and felt anguish you carry […]


Remembering Jesus Words for Christmas

Christmas is a favorite time of year for many people, especially little children. We love the fancy decorations, and illuminating lights and children love present. Christians celebrate Christmas for a different reason. We celebrate Christmas in remembrance and honor of the Lord, Jesus Christ. We sing praise and worship to the King of Kings and […]


Overcome the Fear of Being Open and Vulnerable

How can you get over the fear of being open and vulnerable to someone again? Have you suffered abuse at the hands of parents, siblings, boyfriend, husband or others? If so, you understand the fear of being open and vulnerable to others again. You know the feelings of wanting to retreat into a shell and […]


Forcing a Child into the Mother’s Role

Forcing a Child into the Mother’s Role is an unedited portion of my book. As I indicated earlier, I was fourteen years old and in eighth grade when my father lived in town, and I was the oldest child living at home. The older siblings moved out to live on their own, and one sister […]


God Transforms

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Stumbling and Groping in the Darkness

Why do you stumble and grope in the darkness? The Lord has set you free and called you to walk in the light of Christ. The foundation of my life was not solid. It had immoral cracks and spiritual imperfections. I was misguided, lead astray, and lacked the biblical guidance needed for an abundant life. […]


Why My Mother Rejected Me and My Children

As a child and young adult, I could never understand why my mother rejected me and never showed her love towards me. She always seemed distant, callous and cold hearted. In the summer months, she locked us children out of the house until late afternoon. She didn’t want to be bothered with us. Often, I […]