Stumbling and Groping in the Darkness

Why do you stumble and grope in the darkness? The Lord has set you free and called you to walk in the light of Christ. The foundation of my life was not solid. It had immoral cracks and spiritual imperfections. I was misguided, lead astray, and lacked the biblical guidance needed for an abundant life. As I blindly traveled down the road of life the path way became as utter darkness. I was distressed, inflicted with adversity and struggled through the trials of life in anguish.


Why My Mother Rejected Me and My Children

As a child and young adult, I could never understand why my mother rejected me and never showed her love towards me. She always seemed distant, callous and cold hearted. In the summer months, she locked us children out of the house until late afternoon. She didn’t want to be bothered with us. Often, I acted in anger for her lack of protection and love. She stopped doing her job. I resented her actions or lack thereof, and a deep hatred for her grew in my heart.


How to Overcome Emotional Pain

Do you have a hard time letting go of emotional pain? Is it difficult for you to overcome past hurts and move forward in life? I understand the agony in letting go of emotional pain. I know the struggle in overcoming past hurts. I suffered child abuse, neglect and sexual abuse. My heart became filled with emotional pain after enduring domestic violence and losing children.