Why My Mother Rejected Me and My Children

As a child and young adult, I could never understand why my mother rejected me and never showed her love towards me. She always seemed distant, callous and cold hearted. In the summer months, she locked us children out of the house until late afternoon. She didn’t want to be bothered with us. Often, I […]

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But God, I Wanted to be a Website Designer

I wanted to be a website designer. To reach this goal, you need drive, motivation, and determination. I spent ten years learning how to code CSS, HTML, XHTML and HTML5. I learned how to work with PHP, JavaScript, and other coding languages. I researched how to use an FTP program, to incorporate SEO into web […]

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The Transforming Glory of God

This post is a follow-up post that will proclaim the transforming glory of God. The previous post “What’s holding you back from proclaiming the glory of God?” ended with me saying; “I must tell others of the glorious things God has done for me.” I have given this some deep thought and decided to select […]

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Planting the Seed of Faith

One night in a rage, my husband destroyed our wedding presents. The only wedding present he didn’t destroy was a very large elegant family Bible. One day, several months later, I walked up the steps to my father’s apartment with the Bible in hand. My husband sent me to ask him to purchase the Bible […]

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Proclaiming the Glory of God
Glory to God

Proclaiming the glory of God and what God has done for you is a privilege. However, the devil wants to make sure you don’t succeed in glorifying God. The devil will give you busy work that doesn’t; Proclaim the glory of God Tell others about Jesus Christ Share God’s saving grace Share your testimony of […]

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Victim of Abuse or Sinful Conditions

I’ve identified myself as a victim of abuse for years. Being a “victim” of abuse was the burden that kept me downtrodden in life. I lived with and had an oppressed state of mind for years. I felt unloved and not worthy of love to some degree, having failed my children. I carried these burdens alone, […]

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