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How do you trust God when life is crazy?

Life has a way of making us feel like we’re out of control at times. I know the feeling, things were going great and then, all of a sudden, those crazy moments sneak up on you. You lose your home, vehicle or employment.

You begin to spin downward, and your thoughts quickly turn to negative. Your mouth begins to speak words of doubt and despair over your situation.

It’s easy to trust God when your life is going great. But, what happens in those moments when your life is crazy? Does your trust in God go right out the window? Does your mouth start to speak words of doubt and despair over your desperate situation?

I’ve been in many desperate situations over the years. The most recent one is a loss of employment. I decided to view this moment as a shift in life.

I trusted that God had a plan and an opportunity waiting around the next corner. The door was waiting for me to knock on it. My job was to go out searching and knocking for that opportunity.

I trusted that God would provide for me.

He always does!

I always try to remember the following:

1) Don’t rely on your understanding. Believe that God is trustworthy.

2) Know that God is in control of everything. He knows what you’re going through and has a solution.

3) Put your faith into action. Believe that God will provide.

4) God never shuts one door if another door is not ready for you to open.

5) Don’t speak words of doubt. Words of doubt will give the enemy power in your situation. Speak words of faith instead. I believe in you Lord. I trust that you will get me through.

6) Know that God truly loves you and will never forsake you. Especially when times are tough.

7) Prayer changes things and circumstances. Pray to God for help.

8) Accept that God’s plan for your life can be different than what you have in mind for yourself.

9) Be ready, open and willing to change your plans according to God’s purpose for you.

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I lost employment in early February of 2016. I have worked in the Health Care field for over twenty years. I wanted a change. I began searching for other employment. I trusted that God had a plan and an opportunity for me.

I haven’t had much success in gaining employment in the last few months. I prayed to God, please God let me find another line of work. I’m tired of this job. I was tired of the profession God had placed me in twenty years ago.

I wanted a change!

I prayed to God again, please God let me find a job doing something else.


No response or job came to me.

Then a few days ago, I prayed something different. Please God, help me find work. If your will is for me to care for others still, I will try my best to do it without complaining.

I was sincere with God in that prayer. I trusted that he would provide for me. I didn’t speak words of doubt or despair. Two days later the answer came.

Only two days!

God is quick to act when you pray for God’s will for you.

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I found a new job working close to home and for the same rate of pay. God blessed me with another job caring for others. Now I must keep my promise and do it without complaining. I must work as though I’m working for him because now I am.

I trusted that God’s will or plan for me was best.

It’s difficult to trust in God when your life is crazy. It’s equally difficult to change your plans according to God’s will for your life. But, God knows what’s best for us. He has a plan, a purpose for our lives and we must trust his way.

God will bless you and change your crazy life when you trust in him. Don’t lose hope or speak words that the devil can use against you.

Trusting in God is the only way to an abundant life.

2 thoughts to “How Do You Trust God when Life is Crazy?

  • Bob Sherbondy

    Congratulations on the job. God is good and you are faithful. Keep up the good work and God will continue to lead and to enable you. Praise the Lord, and thanks for this thoughtful post.

    • Linda M Carleton

      Bob, Thank you and your welcome. I praise God for his strength, guidance, and blessings. I would be lost without him. God Bless Linda


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