People Need Love and Compassion to Heal

Have you ever missed an opportunity to show people the love and compassion they needed to heal? If you have, then you know how heartbroken it makes you feel afterward.

The experiences a man or woman has in life impacts their actions and reactions towards others. Often we act out of anger towards one another. We let personal afflictions get in the way of experiencing healing.

The spirit of a man or woman is often troubled by and overburden with the cares of this world. And the weight of a troubled and overburden spirit is sometimes more than a man or woman can bear.

This weight can drag you down to the point of depression. It can cause you to lash out at others in anger, and to do unimaginable things, sometimes with regret.

Unaware of this inner conflict within themselves, man or woman can become downtrodden, abused, oppressed or become violent abusers themselves.

In this downtrodden state, they’re unable to show love and compassion towards others. The condition of their spirit is in the opposite direction. Instead, they’re acting outwards with hate and anger towards others.

The inner conflict they’re dealing in those moments can be calmed. We can help them by not taking their actions as a personal threat to ourselves and by not acting out in the same manner as them.

The spirit of a man or woman can recover and heal from this downtrodden state. And we can help them experience this healing by showing them the love and compassion of Christ, Jesus.

When we act in a defensive manner towards them, we only contribute to their inner turmoil. And this can cause them to endure further pain and suffering. It will never help them find the love and compassion that they need to heal.

The love for others and compassion of Christ, Jesus will help them find rest and healing in the Lord. Our actions should always be that of love and compassion for others each day. Although this may sound counterintuitive, this is the example Christ, Jesus has set for us to follow.

I have been guilty of this in the past. I have acted on personal hurts caused by others. I lashed out in anger towards them. What they need was the love and compassion of Christ, Jesus to heal their pain and suffering.

I wept afterwards at the missed opportunity to display the love of Christ, Jesus that is in me. They didn’t receive the love and compassion needed to heal. I felt like I failed God’s purpose for me in their life.

When we miss these moments, it could be that one moment a person needs to find the love of God and to find healing in the Lord the most.

We must always remember that when we interact with others each day.

I will never forget the way it made me feel afterwards. It was heartbreaking to know that someone needed the love and compassion of Christ, Jesus and never received it. I had the answer to their inner turmoil, pain and suffering and didn’t share it with them.

I acted outward in anger and let personal afflictions get in the way instead.

Love and compassion for others are the healing tools the Lord has given us to use. We must use them each day to help others find healing the Lord.

It’s a new day, and we must approach life in a new way.

We must all put aside our human tendencies to show anger, bitterness, and resentment. We must not take the human weakness that is within us all, and that acts out in anger, as a personal threat to ourselves.

We are all in the boat together, sailing on the same waters in life.

Sometimes the waters are calm and peaceful, and sometimes the waters are turbulent. They carry us back and forth and toss us about to and fro.

We must learn to row together in harmony with each other and to forgive each other when things go wrong. We should not let others fall out of the boat and drown alone.

We should show them the anchor (Christ, Jesus) they need to heal. We can do this by showing them love and compassion.


Have you ever missed an opportunity to show someone the love and compassion they needed to heal? Have you ever shown someone the love and compassion they needed to heal? If so, what happened?

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