Perfectionism is Killing this Blog

I’ve been designing websites for over ten years and enjoy creating designs that are flawless. I have a tendency to be a perfectionist and take web designing to extremes.

It seems as though nothing is ever quite right, and starting over is the only viable option to achieve design perfection. I have designed and redesigned this blog twice and a previous blog three times.

The layout has been roughly the same, but the small details never seem quite right or perfect, and perfectionism is killing this blog.

HTML 5 CSS 3 PHP WordPress and StudioPress

I was working on converting an old blog design from HTML 5, CSS and PHP over to WordPress using the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. I love the ease of use the Genesis Framework provides for styling the design and converting the blog posts.

I was able to convert most of the original blog design style and layout over to the new WordPress version, and it will take a few more days to re-post the blog posts into this new system.

It will take a few more days to redirect the old blog links, tidy up WordPress with cache, and security plug-ins and a tie up a few other loose ends.

I realize something in the process of doing this 3rd redesign project.

I’m a perfectionist!

I want to be like everyone else and use WordPress. After all, it is the easiest, most powerful and the top CMS (content management system) for blogging.

Is it better?

I want the layout to be perfect for every screen size, the color schemes to blend well and to represent the content. I want the fonts to go well together, and to rank high on Google. I work endlessly to make the mobile and desktop speed rank high on several website speed testing tools.

I want every visitor to be satisfied and more, more and then some more.

The bottom line is “Linda” visitors want to “READ”…. and they can’t read new posts if you’re always busy designing……

Ok, that was a rant to me!

I do have some news and wisdom to share with you.

The News

I decided to keep the old blog “the same” and “not” to use WordPress!

I noticed something astounding after spending a few weeks installing and customizing. I don’t mean to put WordPress down or anything, but, the final source code is full of “BLOAT”, and this slows down the speed of the web pages being delivered.

This consists of 8 requests to load different style sheets, 15 requests to load separate javascript files and the more plugins you install, the worse the code is bloated.

I have tested both versions (the original blog and the WordPress blog) on Pingdom using the Website speed test tool.

The results were conclusive!

The WordPress Version of the Blog scored 64/100 Perf grade, had 44 requests for files, took 14.36 sec to load the page, had a page size of 360.9kb and most important of all, this website was “91% SLOWER” than all websites tested.


I did have the Wordfence Plug-in installed, and it was using the Enable Wordfence Falcon Engine Cache setting to increase the speed 30 to 50 times faster than normal.

Due Note:

You can increase your site speed using WordPress. One Blog post that offers such advice is “How to Increase Site Speed by 200% Easily” by Quick Tips Online.

I decided not to waste any more time trying to redesign and configure the old blog.

The original version of the Blog scored 92/100 Pref grade, had only 22 requests for files, took 966 ms to load the page, had a page size of 1.3 MB and was “90% FASTER” than all websites tested.

It seems as though the original HTML 5, PHP and CSS 3 code for the old blog that I had done was designed better and loaded faster.

It also seems like, I wasted lots of time and money trying to fit in, to be perfect and be like everyone else who uses WordPress.


Out With The Old and In With The New

I later decided to start a new blog, this blog and to use WordPress. I know right!

I went with a one column theme, to concentrate more on writing. I cut out all of the distractions that were holding me back from the tasks God has for me to do. That being, to share my testimony of his saving grace and transforming love.

I’m resisting the urge to redesign and test this blog.

Those things are good to focus on when creating a blog. However, the words or content on the page matter more to the visitors. That’s what they came to visit the blog for in the first place.

The Wisdom

It never pays to be a perfectionist.

I have learned this blog will never be perfect, finished or complete, and it will never be like someone else blog, and you can’t please everyone.

It only pays to be authentically you!

This blog will be like me, unique in every way, one of a kind and blessed by God. I hope you find this blog, its posts and messages helpful.

Blessings Linda

4 thoughts on “Perfectionism is Killing this Blog”

  1. Yes, I changed the design again since this post was written. A good friend encouraged me to go with a theme that offers top and sidebar navigation options. I think this theme works well for that purpose. I hope it will encourage visitors to check out the blog more. Thank You Bob 🙂

  2. Linda, This design is much better, but I’m sure that you will continue to work to improve some of its operations. As you know, some controls for the operation of various elements can be adjusted. The results don’t have to be “perfect”, but they should be easy to implement and immediately beneficial for the viewers. Make sure that it is easy for your viewers to find their way around your blog, and avoid confusing them with anything that you display. You’re welcome Linda. Keep up the good work.

  3. It’s like we’re twins separated at birth! I have done this and bought the Tshirt 100 times! By the way, this looks very nice. The previous theme/design was nice, too. I hope this works better for you.

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