The Art of Noticing

I’m the winner of the True Beauty – The Art of Noticing Journal contest held by Melanie at

Melanie’s blog and Facebook group is a resource for beauty, hope, and strength.

I have interacted with her group as time permits and enjoy the friendly creative atmosphere.

The Art of Noticing – Journal

The Art of Noticing – Journal


Thank you for the beautiful journal. It will indeed be a journal for me to be creative and a canvas for inspiration.




The Art of Noticing

This morning while on my paper route, I noticed the lovely view of the mountains that surround us here in the Schoharie Valley.

Schoharie Valley

The fall foliage is at its peak, and the mountains are vibrant with color. The view was amazing.

I went back up after the route was done and took a picture to share with you. In the past, I would have noticed the view but, not take in the beauty of God’s creation.

Thanks to Melanie, I stood there taking in the beautiful view that awaits me each weekend on my paper route.


I realized how blessed I am to live in the Schoharie Valley.

I’m blessed to have a little park near my house. In the warm weather, I sit at the picnic table and roll my papers.

I use to look out my door and see a small town with little to offer.

I now notice the beauty of God’s creation that surrounds me. I’m surrounded by the glory of God.

Thank You, Melanie, for the special gift and for the help in noticing the beautiful things God has created for us to enjoy.

Make sure you stop by to visit Melanie on her blog and the ladies can join her Facebook group.

Blessings, Linda

4 thoughts on “The Art of Noticing”

  1. Oh, Linda! I am so happy to hear how the Lord is working in and through you! You are most welcome for the journal! Thank you for the kind words. I am so glad you’re a part of our Facebook Group and we are getting to know each other! You and your story are a wonderful inspiration. Many blessings!!

  2. Congratulations. This is just one small demonstration of the positive changes that God is making in your life and the way that you view them and your experiences and him. These changes by themselves may seem to be small, but don’t discount their significance. They are radically good blessings. Keep you eyes open to God’s glory and you will see more and more of them everyday in your surroundings and those whom you see and contact. Thanks for this perceptive post.

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