Perfectionism is Killing this Blog

Linda M Carleton

Linda is an abuse survivor, passionate writer, and blogger who shares her testimony of God’s saving grace and transforming love with others. Linda helps oppressed individuals find the way to an abundant life.

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4 Responses

  1. Yes, I changed the design again since this post was written. A good friend encouraged me to go with a theme that offers top and sidebar navigation options. I think this theme works well for that purpose. I hope it will encourage visitors to check out the blog more. Thank You Bob 🙂

  2. Linda, This design is much better, but I’m sure that you will continue to work to improve some of its operations. As you know, some controls for the operation of various elements can be adjusted. The results don’t have to be “perfect”, but they should be easy to implement and immediately beneficial for the viewers. Make sure that it is easy for your viewers to find their way around your blog, and avoid confusing them with anything that you display. You’re welcome Linda. Keep up the good work.

  3. chele says:

    It’s like we’re twins separated at birth! I have done this and bought the Tshirt 100 times! By the way, this looks very nice. The previous theme/design was nice, too. I hope this works better for you.

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