A Brighter Vision of My World

A Brighter Vision of My World is a Guest Post by Bob Sherbondy from http://www.christianityetc.org/

Through cataract surgery

I recently had cataract surgery on both of my eyes, and it has proven to be a great blessing. The lenses in my eyes were so dark that I almost failed the required vision test to renew my driver’s license, and I’m the only available driver for my wife and myself in our city. I was able to arrange for the necessary surgery with a local eye center and their staff of physicians and technicians. Much of the cost would be covered by my health insurance, and I had funds for the remaining charges.

All of the necessary preliminary tests were done, and the surgery was scheduled and performed in a local outpatient surgery center with its professional staff. The dark lenses in each eye were removed a week apart and replaced with correctly configured clear new lenses in quick painless surgical procedures that immediately gave me a much brighter and sharper vision of my world.

I am currently in the healing process, but when that is finished in a couple of weeks, I will be further tested to see what new glasses might be necessary. But in the meantime I no longer have to wear any glasses for viewing distance, driving our car, watching TV, or even working on my computer. I am amazed by the transformed vision of my world that I can now see every day! Everything is brighter, textual characters are sharp even without glasses, and the prognosis for my vision is excellent.  The dark corrupted lenses have been removed and clear new lenses have been installed into my eyes.


Through spiritual surgery by Jesus

Such blessings can also be received by you if the spiritual vision of your world is being darken by unforgiven sin,  bitterness, anger, unloving selfish attitudes and desires, ungodly habits, and basically unclean factors in your life that affect your current spiritual vision of your world.  All that you need to do to get these causes of the darkness in your spiritual vision removed is to invite Jesus to perform some appropriate spiritual surgery on your spiritual eyes and submit in trusting faith to his transforming work. He will remove all of the above cited factors of spiritual darkness in your life and replace them with the clear and clean spiritual lens of his transforming grace and love.

Such spiritual surgery can be done immediately where you are. You won’t have to go anywhere else to get it done, and you won’t have to get a group of professional spiritual technicians to help you. And Jesus has already paid the “cost” for this “surgery” by his death on the cross and the guarantee for the effectiveness of his work is established by his resurrection from the “darkness” of his tomb.

It doesn’t matter what caused the spiritual “cataracts” in your spiritual eyes or how long that they have been there, Jesus can and will remove them and replace them immediately when you trust him to do so. You can’t do this kind of “surgery” on yourself, and no amount of clearing wishes will remove such spiritual darkening factors from your life. All that you have to do is to repent of your personal efforts to clean out the factors of spiritual darkness in your life and trust Jesus to perform his changing and transforming work on your spiritual eyes. When you do so, your spiritual vision of your world will be brighter, and the physical, as well as the spiritual factors within it, will be changed. Various details regarding the nature and value of things in this world will be seen differently, and of course, all the spiritual factors in your world will be brightly and clearly displayed in all of their glory for your new life in Jesus, your healing, and redeeming Savior.

I know about this because Jesus has done his cleansing and transforming surgery on me. I’m not yet perfectly “healed”, but his new spiritual lenses are making my vision of my world much brighter and much better every day. And he can do the same for you. The resources cited on this blog can be helpful.

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