The Way Out of the Darkness

When you’re lost in the darkness your spirit becomes weighed down, and you carry the burdens of sin.

Overburdened with sin, you can have low self-worth and live with self-shame. You feel unloved and life can be discouraging. When you’re lost in the darkness, you can experience tremendous pain and suffering.

In the darkness, your carnal mind serves you not. Thus, you believe the lies that Jesus is not real. The road you travel on is the broad way and destruction will be your end.

When you’re lost in the darkness you can be proud or haughty, and resistant to change.

Don’t you see?

You stumble and fall in a dysfunctional world that’s filled with corruption and death.

The healing light shines from above with love to show you the narrow way out of the darkness. This healing light of HOPE is the one you seek.

So come to the Lord those of you who are humble and meek. Walk forth by faith and embrace his free gift of eternal salvation. Be open to change and renew your mind in God’s word.

Then the darkness will be gone and the light of Christ will remain.

He will ease your pain and suffering, and his burden is light. His love is eternal and will never fail. In Christ, you will find the light of HOPE.

Jesus Christ is the only way out of the darkness.

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