As a Child Sees

I asked, “Lord, what is your will for me?”

He told me, “See as a child sees.”

If I could see as a child sees,
How would the world look to me?

I look around perchance to see,

What the Lord has in mind for me.

Through the eyes of a child, I see,
Love abounds for all people around.

No boundaries set for judgment yet.

Happy with what they have
is the way to spend a day.

No need for all those material things.

As I see how a child sees,
Honesty comes naturally to me.

A child is quick with forgiveness too,
Unlike the world, who holds it over you.

As you see as a child sees,
Remember, they learn from you.

So always do as a child would do;
Hold a child’s learning as a value to you.

You shape their future;
It’s something God has entrusted to you.

Don’t let the child you see,
Be something you wouldn’t want to be.

By Linda

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Linda M Carleton

Linda M Carleton

Linda is an abuse survivor, passionate writer, and blogger who shares her testimony of God’s saving grace and transforming love with others. Linda helps oppressed individuals find the way to an abundant life.

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