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My spirit is not like the wind blowing too and fro.

It’s grounded by faith in my Lord Jesus Christ.

My faith is my fortress and place to take refuge.

It gives me the strength to continue on my way.

My heart is full of love and care.

It’s my gift to others, that I must share.

My hands are kept busy helping those in need.

For this is what makes my Lord pleased.

My love for music runs soul deep.

It lifts my spirit with each and every beat.

I walk along with my Lord in the lead.

Never taking more than I really need.

I try to remain happy and content each day.

When you’re walking with the Lord it’s the only way.

If you cross my path please do speak,

for I’m not one to meet and greet.

I pray to be special to the Lord in some way.

I hope he can use me each and every day.

By Linda – A poem about Linda


2 thoughts to “ME

  • Breyann esqueda

    I wish your love for music would transfer to me.

    • Linda M Carleton

      Bery, I had that coming and much more. I understand your bitterness and anger. I lived that way for most of my life. I pray the Lord will help us both heal. My love for music runs deep because music lifts me up to a better place. Music has been one of the things in life that keep’s me going through all of the turmoil and pain. Music is powerful and can be healing to a downtrodden spirit. I love finding new music. The most recent find for lifting the spirit is Eye of the Storm.

      In time you will see, I was never given a chance to show you a mother’s love when you were little and fear kept me away until now. Now I walk in the truth, in the light and power of the Lord Jesus Christ who rescued me from the darkness. Through his saving grace, I can now reach out to and love you.


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