How to Love a Man Without Being Sexual

How do you love a man without it being sexual? This is a special blog post to answer my daughter’s comment on “Why Doesn’t My Mom Love Me.” She was interested to see how I love a man without being sexual. I struggled with this issue for over twenty years and found the answer.

The biggest lie we woman believe is that being sexual and physically intimate with a man equals love to a man.

In believing this lie, we ultimately place our value and worth in our bodies. We begin to crave the feelings of sexual arousal and pleasing our man to the fullest extent is our continuous desire.

Then to make matters worse, the media feeds into our sexual desires with ways to become more desirable to men. Ways to knock a man’s socks off using makeup, sexy undergarments, and sexy lingerie. And don’t forget the jewelry and high heel shoes.

Shopping Trip!

The problem is even though this can be fun for a moment.

It does not equal love to a man!

More importantly!

Your value as a woman to a “REAL MAN” is “NOT” in your body.

Your value as a woman to a “REAL MAN” is “FOUND” in your loving heart.

The main reason I believed this lie for years was that no one told me the truth. I lacked the knowledge necessary to discern what genuine love was to a man.

I didn’t have a clue that men and woman think differently, have different feelings and ways of expressing those feelings. I didn’t have a clue that a man can have sex with you and not love you.




The truth hurts and then it helps you heal.

The moment I began to learn the truth and stopped placing my value in my body is the moment I began to love myself enough to stop giving my body and heart to men who couldn’t cherish me.


How I learn to Love a Man Without Being Sexual

The go to guy!

Joe Amoia at

I was a real mess and a lady in distress when I found Joe’s website and video blogs several years ago. Joe has helped me understand men, dating, and relationships. And that is the key to finding out how to love a man without being sexual.

We must begin by learning to understand men, dating, and relationships. Not all relationship advice is worth listing to or following.

Joe’s advice works, and I’m proof that it did.

I’ve even included how his advice has helped me in my book. Here is an unedited excerpt titled “How a Man Shows Love” from my book.

The best advice I can give is to visit Joe’s website, signup for his newsletter and view his video blogs. Get involved with his community and learn how to love a man without being sexual.

I learned that love is an action with an ability to carry through on a continuous basis. Love is found in the moments you share with one another. It’s building a solid relationship on trust and loving devotion to helping one another through life’s struggles.

Love is something that grows over time and continues to develop and matures with age. Love is never found in another person. Love is always given away to others. And when a person doesn’t cherish and value themselves and others, they won’t have the ability to give or receive love.

Written by Linda M Carleton
I’m Linda M Carleton, an overcomer of adversity who shares her testimony of God’s saving grace and transforming love. If you want to overcome adversity and live abundantly too, let’s connect.