Waiting on Finding Love from a Man

Here are a few things to remember when you’re waiting on finding love from a man.

  • A real man would take responsibility for his actions.
  • A real man would say something to a woman he loves.
  • A real man would apologize for his actions.
  • A real man wouldn’t leave a girl hanging, and wondering WTF just happened.
  • A real man wouldn’t make you think, where the hell did he go?

Women often tell themselves that a man is good, kind and loving. She put those thoughts into her head as being the truth about a particular guy. She puts him up on a pedestal above God and herself.

She doesn’t sit back and wait for him to show her by his actions if he’s good or not.

She with loving intentions walks by faith, trusting that he is good, kind and loving. And then when that man, aka boy begins to display his real intentions and to show his true self through his actions and unspoken words. Her feelings become hurt; she becomes confused by his actions and gets angry at him.


All because she put her faith and trust into a guy before he earned the right to be given those things. She opens up her heart to love, and the guy is unable to respond to her needs, wants’ and desires.

So the next time you find a guy, sit back with a closed heart and trust, not those feeling. Wait for his actions that do carry through day after day. Only then will you have found a real man who is worthy of your loving heart and who has earned that trust from you forever.

I’m still searching for that one good man that God has for me.

Giving love and trust to the wrong guys aka boy’s was the most painful experiences in life. I wasted years on the boys who were not in a position to be a man. I accepted those boyish actions with much regret now.

I’m a changed woman today!


I’m not the little girl who will accept those boyish actions anymore.

I will sit back with a closed heart and trust, not those feelings. I will trust in the Lord to provide me with a good, kind and genial man who is worthy of the love and trust that I have to share with him.

I will require him, to be honest with his intentions, respectful with his actions and trustworthy with his words.

I will require that he love the Lord and walk in his ways to the best of his ability. I will never put him on a pedestal above God or myself. He will be equal with me and walk beside me as a best friend. I will be his helper and the mate God intended me to be for him.

I pray that you will do the same. You are worthy of a good, kind and genial man who is honest and walks upright in the Lord. If you know of any such man, who is single I would be interested in talking to him. It’s difficult to find such a man in today’s world.



Written by Linda M Carleton
I’m Linda M Carleton, an overcomer of adversity who shares her testimony of God’s saving grace and transforming love. If you want to overcome adversity and live abundantly too, let’s connect.