Your Fantastic Mind

Your Fantastic Mind is a Guest Post by Bob Sherbondy from

A Powerful Computer

Your mind is a powerful personal computer that has been developing and is being programmed within your skull to basically manage and coordinate all of your bodily functions. It has an initial Operating System that is primarily human in nature and several Programs that are designed to receive and to manage data from your five primary physical senses, which are those for sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell.

From its initial existence as a personal organ in your body, it has been gathering data from your environment and storing it within its special cells where this data can be drawn upon to implement and to facilitate the automatic and chosen courses of action that you desire to express through your body. These actions are implemented through various electronic and chemical agents that are generated and coordinated by the organs of your body and your mind. These actions enable you to learn how to move on your own, talk, eat, express yourself, and to function and to live in your physical environment.

But this computer that is recognized as your mind can do more than just store and manage data that is received from your senses; it can create thoughts that your can personally perceive and contemplate that are more than the accumulated data that has been received into its cells.

Through the personal choices that you can make you can affect how your mind handles much of the data that it gathers and what it ultimately is prepared to do with it. The procedure for doing this is your thinking abilities, which create your thoughts from which come your habits and your addictions.

A Corrupted Computer

But your mind, like the computer that it is, has been severely damaged and basically corrupted and impaired in its operation by the human and personal sin, like a Virus, that you inherited with your initial formation and implement with your daily choices.

This means that the Operating System for your mental functions and thoughts and all of its Programs, your senses, have been severely corrupted by sin. This means that you need a new Operating System and cleansed senses, Programs, that can enable you to live and to effectively function in your physical and your spiritual environment, which includes not only your fellow human creatures but also the God who created you.

You need a divine Operating System for your mind and a divinely cleansed and transformed set of Programs, your senses. And the only resource that can replace your inadequate human Operating System and cleanse and transform your Programs, your senses, is the Spirit of God, your creator.

Help Is Available

Some of the posts and resources that are cited on this blog could help you to get the necessary changes made to Your Fantastic Mind, but you can’t do this on your own. You will have to submit your Mind and Will to the loving cleansing and transforming power of God’s Spirit. God is willing to send his Spirit into your personal Mind and the center of your Will to make the necessary changes when you are ready to accept his offer to do so.

And the way to do that is to stop trying to fix your Corrupted Computer, Your Fantastic Mind, by your own foolish efforts, but to in trusting faith give its Operating System and Programs over to the cleansing and transforming work of God’s Spirit. God is good!


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