Welcome, I'm Linda M Carleton, an abuse survivor rescued out of darkness by God's grace. I blog on "The Lord is Calling" to share the praises, a testimony of His saving grace and transforming love. My passion is to assist abuse victims and the oppressed in overcoming adversity. And guide the way to genuine healing in Jesus Christ, so you can live abundantly too. Learn more: About Linda

I understand your pain, heartache, fears and the mental turmoil; I've walked a mile in your shoes!

I understand how it feels to endure child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and live in the darkness of oppression. I want you to know things "CAN" get better, and when you cling to "HOPE" in Jesus Christ things "DO" get better. 

The Lord is Calling guides you in overcoming; painful afflictions, broken relationships, mental anguish, emotional wounds, dysfunctional mindsets, fear, guilt, shame, and other sufferings in life.

The various posts will help you understand; "why" people endure abuse, adversity and oppression, and why you're suffering. They provide you with hope knowing God's grace can help you overcome all difficulties and sufferings in life. And the Personal Growth section will help you grow in God's divine wisdom of the truth.

Learn how I overcame adversity by reading various Testimonials of God's saving grace and transforming love. And if you answer Jesus Calling to walk in the light of Christ, as I did, and you will find genuine healing and an abundance of life. If this is your first visit here, here is some of my best content to get you started in walking in the light of Christ.


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