Out Of a Secret Darkness

If you’re one of the millions of people who endured verbal, physical or mental abuse and you struggle with physical pain and emotional anguish, you’ll find the real answers and a solution for lasting change inside…


Out of a Secret Darkness


Out of a Secret Darkness

Out of a Secret Darkness

The unique true story that uncovers the secrets hidden in the world of darkness with the powerful forces of evil, enlightening victims with real answers and a successful way out so they can have an abundant life.

A baby girl named Linda M Carleton was born in May of 1966 to her parents Erwin J Carleton and Edith M Carleton. On that day, she enters into a world of darkness with abusive conditions.

As a child, she grows up witnessing and enduring neglect and child sexual abuse. The ill-treatment she suffers throughout childhood unknowingly affects her mindset.

As a young woman, she has a dysfunctional mindset regarding adult life, relationships, love and sexual behavior. And this mentality became so embedded in her patterns of thinking that it didn’t seem abnormal to her.

At the age of eighteen, she leaves home to get married and suffers domestic violence at the hands of her husband for three and one-half years. She ultimately runs in fear for her life and loses everything including her children.

The verbal, physical and mental abuse she endures brings her further into the world of darkness. In the world of darkness, she lives in fear and suffers great pain and emotional anguish for over twenty-years.

There are millions of people wandering in the world of darkness with a confused state of mind. Immobilized in the darkness with fear by the forces of evil they can’t reach out to get help and suffer unnecessary pain and anguish in life.

The world of darkness has a dominant evil force that humankind is trying to fight alone. This darkness is ruled by the prince of the power of the air, the devil or Satan. He roams about seeking whom he can enslave for life and devour for eternity.

Like this young woman, humanity can’t fight against the powerful forces of evil. They need God’s saving grace to rescue them from the world of darkness with evil imaginations….


How to Access the Book


I’m writing the story on Wattpad. You can read the story at “Out of a Secret Darkness” anytime. Simply select the “Read” button and locate the drop-down arrow to access the Table of Contents. Another option is to select the arrow in the button that’s located at the bottom of the first page. You can signup for an account on Wattpad and comment on and follow the story as well.


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Written by Linda M Carleton
Hi! I'm Linda M Carleton, an abuse survivor, writer, and blogger who shares her testimony of God’s saving grace. If you want to overcome adversity and live an abundant life too, let's chat.