But God, I Wanted to be a Website Designer

I wanted to be a website designer. To reach this goal, you need drive, motivation, and determination.

I spent ten years learning how to code CSS, HTML, XHTML and HTML5. I learned how to work with PHP, JavaScript, and other coding languages.

I researched how to use an FTP program, to incorporate SEO into web pages and other aspects of website design. I learned how to design responsive, accessible, and mobile friendly websites.

I had BIG dreams!

New skills in hand, I entered a website design contest. The first template was titled “City of David.” It didn’t win the contest.

I was determined to succeed and created my first website “Computer Basics and Beyond.” And it was beyond comprehension.

I’m mean really; it had everything, but the kitchen sink!

Here, look for yourself. It was a hot mess.

Computer Basics Website

I submitted the website to Langa List, a very popular Newsletter several years ago. It made it in, and visitors started coming to the website. I was excited.

Until one gentleman emailed me saying, “you misspelled Navigation on the sidebar.”


Still determined, I spent more time learning to do things correctly. I got it right and created a website for a local not for profit organization.

Still dreaming BIG, I wanted to be a website designer. I dreamed of MONEY.

I didn’t dream of creating a Blog or writing a Memoir.

I wanted to be a website designer but, God had other plans!

God had a purpose for the creative talents and website design skills. His purpose was to share His saving grace, a Testimony of Faith and transforming love with others.

His plan was to tell others “The Lord is Calling” all who are weary and lost in darkness to come to Him. The gifts, talents, and abilities of website design were given to bear fruit for God’s glory.

I’m a website designer by the grace of God. I use the gifts given to me for His glory, and to lead others out of darkness into the light of Christ.


Written by Linda M Carleton
I’m Linda M Carleton, an overcomer of adversity who shares her testimony of God’s saving grace and transforming love. If you want to overcome adversity and live abundantly too, let’s connect.