Set Free from Abusive Relationship

I praise the Lord; I’m set free from an abusive relationship.

We were always on the run, moving from place to place. Like clockwork, every few months, I would find a new place to live. My husband was addicted to Marijuana, and he spent what little money we had for rent to purchase drugs.

He claimed that Marijuana calmed his nerves and when he didn’t have any, he became enraged. The slightest thing made him angry and the target to release his inner rage was always me.

Living in the darkness with fear was a daily and sometimes hourly struggle for me. The mental, emotional, and physical abuse became unbearable after three and one-half years.

I weighed a mere 105lbs the day I ran in fear for my life.

We were living in a Motel on a long stretch of road without much else around. Out in the front was a Bar that the proprietor of the Motel owned.

I lived in fear of abuse from him every minute of every day. I watched everything I said and my actions around him. I tried not to make him angry at me. At the time, I believed that his being angry was somehow my fault.

Those were some of the loneliest times in life for me. I was all alone without any family to help me. I thought that no one cared about or loved me.

Then things began to change for the better. The owner offered me a job cleaning rooms and Bartending during the afternoon.

I accepted the job!

My husband was stuck in the Motel room, hiding in fear of being discovered. The probation department was looking for him since he missed his scheduled monthly meeting.

That gave me a little more freedom outside of our Motel room. In the weeks that followed my husband wanted me to steal money from the Bar. Then he wanted me to bring strange men into our room so he could rob them.

I became even more frightened. I didn’t want to hurt anyone or go to jail. I called his family for help, and no one came. I lost hope that anyone would give me a hand.

However, God was watching over me and had a plan to rescue me.

I believe God can utilize people to help us in several ways. They can help us with personal growth, spiritual growth, and help us get free from dangerous situations.

One afternoon a kind gentleman who was a regular customer asked me

“would you like to come to my parent’s house to visit and go for a walk or something.”

He and everyone else at the Bar thought my husband was gone. I jumped at the chance to get away.

I told him YES!

He brought his car around back, and I got in, and as soon as he started to pull away I hit the floor in fear. I remember telling him

“please you got to get me out of here, he is still in the room, and he is going to kill me if you don’t help me.”

I remember being so afraid for my life at that moment. I didn’t know what else to do.

This kind man did give me a hand. He took me back to his parent’s house, and they feed me dinner. Then they let me shower, and he gave me some of his clothes to wear. He slept on the living room couch and let me sleep in his bed for the night.

The next day he drove me to a Woman’s Shelter in Albany about 50 miles away. I don’t even remember what his name was. He was just a kind man looking for a date. He didn’t take advantage of me. He helped me when I needed someone’s help the most.

I believe God was watching over me and used this man to set me free from an abusive relationship for good. That was over twenty years ago.

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God has always been near me throughout life. God has guided me along the narrow path and helped me each step of the way. I continue to praise the Lord for his saving grace.

What do you Praise the Lord for today? How has the Lord helped you in life? Post your comments in the box below.

Thank You, Linda M Carleton

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Linda. My heart goes out to you. I’m so glad that the Lord helped set you free from your abusive husband. That man was an angel sent by God. Thanks for being you. You are beautiful

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