Victim of Abuse or Sinful Conditions

I’ve identified myself as a victim of abuse for years. Being a “victim” of abuse was the burden that kept me downtrodden in life. I lived with and had an oppressed state of mind for years. I felt unloved and not worthy of love to some degree, having failed my children.

I carried these burdens alone, telling no one and continued living in the darkness and the chains of fear, guilt, and shame kept me shackled.

Things began to change slowly after leaving another unhealthy relationship after twenty plus years. I began blogging to release the inner turmoil that was going on inside my mind and spirit.

I wanted to share my story with other victims of abuse and for the truth to be known. The Lord began to show me slowly the error of my ways, and it was painful. The choices and decisions that I made along the way have caused other pain too.

The Lord has rescued me from the darkness and accomplished a marvelous work in me. He has guided me and provided continuous help in healing old wounds.

The grace of God has transformed me into a new person. One who doesn’t live in fear nor has an oppressed state of mind. One who lives and walks in truth no matter if others judge me harshly or not.


I encourage you to download the eBook;

The Full Light – A Blogger’s Journey to Healing


Download “The Full Light – A Blogger’s Journey to Healing” and read the blog post that first appeared on my former blog

They are a collection of blog posts that were written during the healing and transformation process.


I have come to trust the Lord Jesus Christ and his way of living completely and have accepted his saving grace.


Victim of Abuse or Sinful Conditions

I’ve come to the realization that I was unknowingly a “victim” of sinful conditions for over twenty years. As a victim of sinful conditions, I lived in the darkness with fear and remained downtrodden and oppressed.

I wasn’t a victim of abuse, but rather a victim of sinful conditions.

We are all born into sin and live in a world of darkness with sinful conditions. Living in sin causes a person to walk and live in the darkness away from the Lord and the truth. And when a person is walking or living in darkness with sin, they can be violent and abuse or oppress others.

Their actions towards others are a reflection of the inner turmoil that is going on inside them. The abuser will lack the empathy and compassion needed to treat others in a loving manner. In fact, the abuser doesn’t even know what true love is because God is love.

Their spirit becomes bound to the darkness by the chains of sin, and the only way out is to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.  

At some point in our lives, we have all wandered in the darkness away from the truth (Jesus Christ). We have all hurt others unintentionally or caused other pain and heartache. We all need the love of God to heal our downtrodden spirit and to break the chains of sin in our lives.

Trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ and living a life that is pleasing to him was the best decision of my life. The power of the Lord to heal a sinner like me and you are amazing. His unconditional love for us is the only thing that can heal our spiritual wounds and transform us into a child of the living God.

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