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I’m writing a memoir titled, “Out of a Secret Darkness.” It’s a written journey of adversity, and struggles in life, mental, and emotional changes and transformation.

The dramatic turbulence that inspired the writing of “Out of a Secret Darkness” was meeting an abusive husband on an online dating website for the first time in over twenty years.

In the months following our meeting, healing from years of physical and emotional abuse, and living in darkness with fear was possible. I began a transformational journey to renew dysfunctional patterns of thinking, and way’s of being, and acting in life.



Out of a Secret Darknessa true story of an abused girl ensnared in darkness with fear. An omnipotent God reaches in to save her.

As a child, Linda endures neglect and sexual abuse. The ill-treatment suffered in childhood affects her mindset.

Linda develops dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behaviors. This mentality becomes embedded in her mind as normal.

At eighteen Linda becomes pregnant; get’s married and suffers domestic violence for three and one-half years.

Adversity brings her further into darkness. She loses her two children and runs in fear for her life.

A vast number of people become ensnared in darkness. Immobilize by fear; victims suffer physical pain, emotional anguish, and mental torment. Having an oppressed mind, victims can’t reach out past fear to help themselves.

Victims require an omnipotent God to reach in and rescue them “Out of a Secret Darkness.”

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